Bar Louie - Evanston

We got off the train at Davis and decided to wander around and see what was there. We've been to Lulu's many times and had it been Tuesday, we probably would have gone there for the all you can eat deal. But we wanted something different. Nicole was in the mood for Mexican, but we didn't find a mexican place and didn't have a whole lot of time to search.

Nicole had heard that the food at Bar Louie was good, so we stopped in and gave it a try. It was "Girl's Night Out" so the "martinis" were $5. Nicole got a "Material Girl" (Pink grapefruit juice and Vodka with a sugar rim). I got a Guinness. The "Material Girl" was okay, worth the $5 but not much more. The Guinness was okay, seemed to be poured properly even though it was in a straight sided glass. It did have the stupid clover drawn in the foam.

For dinner I got a blackend chicken muffaletta sandwich and a side of black beans and rice. The chicken was quite good, but the spicy olive paste wasn't as flavorful as I might like. The beans and rice were served in two seperate dishes, which was surprising. The rice was very good and had a kind of lemon/dill flavor. It went very well with the beans. The coleslaw garnish was pretty mediocre.

Nicole got the regular muffaletta sandwich with fries. The fries were excellent. The sandwich was good, not great.

Not a terribly exciting place to eat, although we would consider going back for some of their specials ($1 burgers).

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