This site is where we record our thoughts on food and beverages. Neither of us is trained in cooking or critiqueing at all. We tell you what we eat and how much we like it. Most of the restraunts we'll talk about are in Chicago. We live in Canaryville. Sean works near the Mag Mile, and Nicole works in Morton Grove. That should give a rough idea of where we eat when we're not at home.

Sean is a major beer snob, didn't think he liked wine until Nicole taught him what good wine was, and thinks he might have been aisan in a past life. He likes food spicy and flavorful... and filling. He also thinks chocolate is awful. Freak.

Nicole's the main cook, and splits her skills between good old-fashioned farm style meals and interesting things she finds on the internet. She doesn't care for most beer, but Sean's found a few she'll drink. She eats anchovies. On purpose.

And that pan in the corner... that's our pan, we use it all the time. You're envious of our sweet-ride cast iron. You're even more envious that we have several of those bad boys.

The photos are currently shot with a craptastic Point & Shoot digital camera in the make-shift studio in the spare bedroom.