Acorn Squash Florentine

Yet again this is something we totally made up.

Acorn Squash Florentine

2 Acorn Squash
2 boxes frozen, chopped spinach
1/2 C. pine nuts
8 oz. cream cheese
1/3 C. red onions diced
Nutmeg and cloves to taste

Cut squash in halve and place cut side down on baking sheet/pan (for ease of clean up line baking vessel with foil). Bake at 350 for 45 - 60 min, or until squash is done. In the mean time, thaw squash and squeeze all of the extra moisture out of it (this is very important, the spinach must be very dry). Mix spinach and remaining ingredients well (I used my hands, I think that is easiest). Divide spinach mixture between squash and place back in to 350 oven (uncovered). Bake until filling is warm and melty.

This was very good, but it needs more/different cheese in our opinion. I think next time, I will try goat cheese or a combination of goat cheese and cream cheese. A great vegitarian meal and really easy. We served it with a side salad.

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